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Jorge Castro Quoted on Impact of Avoidance of Shutdown on IRS in Politico Pro Morning Tax

"Politico Pro Morning Tax: Driving the Day"


Jorge Castro commented in Politico Pro Morning Tax on what it means for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other agencies now that a federal government shutdown has been avoided after the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate agreed on a 45-day funding deal.  Discussing the potential of a government shutdown in November and the impact on the IRS, Castro, a former counselor to the IRS Commissioner said, "The closer we get to the end of year, the more challenging it will become for the IRS and the upcoming filing season. That said, I think if we are looking at a government shutdown in November, that could change Treasury's outlook on whether to utilize IRA funding in order for the IRS to stay fully operational or close to it."