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Jorge Castro Comments on the Consideration of Rep. Steve Scalise as Potential House Speaker in Bloomberg Tax

"Business to Gain Tax Ally If Scalise Wins House Speaker Gavel"

Bloomberg Tax

Jorge Castro commented in Bloomberg Tax on the consideration of Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives and what it could mean for the passage of a spending bill and a bipartisan tax package. Referring to certain members of the Republican caucus with whom Scalise may have to make concessions to secure the speakership, Castro said "These are members that have very much put focus on spending issues and deficit issues. They're very much going to hold the cards." Castro also noted if the Senate were able to pass a spending bill first and find bipartisan support for a tax package, it may have an advantage in negotiations with House lawmakers. "The chamber that goes first, typically, has the upper hand and leverage, in development of any bicameral piece of legislation," he said.