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John Davis Discusses the Continued Focus on FCPA Enforcement in Latin America in Law360

"White Collar Attys Brace For More Latin America FCPA Action"


John Davis commented on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) enforcement in Latin America as U.S. regulators strengthen partnerships with their counterparts in certain parts of the region amid the Biden administration's continued focus on tamping down international corruption. In Brazil, a new administration under President Lula de Silva is expected to ramp up the country's fight against corruption. "Companies can anticipate that, under Lula, the cooperation [with the U.S.] will continue and that's going to keep splitting cases out and driving investigations," Davis said. If Brazil continues to bolster its corruption-fighting capabilities, FCPA probes in the country, which have traditionally centered on the energy industry, will reach into an array of other sectors.