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International Comparative Legal Guide to Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2020: Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC Chapters

International Comparative Legal Guide

In the 2020 edition of the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Miller & Chevalier Member Brian Hill authored the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC chapters.

The International Comparative Legal Guide provides cross-border legal analysis of the laws and regulations of litigation and dispute resolution, with each chapter authored by leading litigation lawyers in each region. In his chapters, Brian Hill addresses litigation and dispute resolution issues specific to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC in a comprehensive question and answer format. Topics covered include, among others, the process of commencing proceedings, elements of disclosure, evidentiary issues, methods of alternative dispute resolution, and how to navigate the federal and local court systems in each region. These chapters provide guidance and act as references tools for foreign individuals and companies that end up in legal disputes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Reproduced with permission from Global Legal Group. ICLG Guide to Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2020, (published in February 2020). For further information please visit