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Daniel Patrick Wendt Discusses C2CRIGHT Compliance Initiative to Prevent Corruption in Anti-Corruption Report

"AB InBev's C2CRIGHT Initiative: Can Companies Work Together to Prevent Corruption?"

Anti-Corruption Report

In the first article of a two-part series, Daniel Patrick Wendt commented on how AB InBev, a multinational drink and brewing company, is working on developing a better way to prevent corruption. AB InBev's global vice president of ethics and compliance, Matt Galvin, is working to use their in-house compliance analytics system to create a consortium of companies, known as C2CRight, that will work together to build smarter, more effective compliance analytics by pooling resources. C2CRight will use MIT-developed technology called "split learning" to train machine learning algorithms on compliance data from multiple companies without compromising any member organization's data privacy. "In general, I am very impressed by the progress from Matt Galvin and AB InBev, and they are leading the way on many of these issues – namely, using analytics to identify risks and trends so that compliance resources can be targeted more strategically and efficiently," Wendt said, adding that, "anyone who wants to be an expert on these topics needs to know what Matt and AB InBev are doing at the moment."