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Daniel Patrick Wendt Discusses AB InBev's Initiative to Use Split Learning to Protect Privacy in Anti-Corruption Report

"AB InBev's C2CRIGHT Initiative: Using Split Learning to Protect Privacy While Working Together"

Anti-Corruption Report

In the second article of a two-part series, Daniel Patrick Wendt discussed how AB InBev is building a consortium of companies to work together to train machine learning algorithms on data to improve their ability to detect transactions and third parties that are at high risk for corruption. This anti-corruption compliance initiative, called C2CRIGHT, will use AB InBev's BrewRIGHT compliance applications as its starting point. "Using algorithms and AI to identify problematic trends and transactions is a great goal, and it is difficult to find companies that may be willing to invest in the project alone," Wendt said, adding that "A collaborative project like this that shares learnings, investments and efforts across multiple companies seems like an innovative way to approach the topic and spark additional progress." Wendt also highlights that there are potential problems that might stand in the way of participation, which include "anti-competition law, data privacy laws, data security concerns, and internal dynamics of persuading management teams and board to participate."