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D3 Bahamas Web3 and FinTech Conference

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paul Leder will speak at the D3 Bahamas Web3 and FinTech Conference on October 11, 2023, in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Leder is part of two panels:

  • "Is Crypto Regulation Possible?" Buckle up for an exploration of the seemingly insurmountable challenge of global digital asset regulation. Panelists will dissect the complexities, power dynamics, and technological hurdles standing in the way. Brace yourself for a provocative journey into the heart of the regulatory abyss. Will order emerge from chaos?
  • "King of the Ashes? Will Enforcement Drive Innovators Away from the U.S.?" Establishing roots for the DeFi ecosystem within the world's strongest financial market makes implicit sense. Yet the regulators appear to view the industry as needing to be reined in rather than nurtured. Is there still a chance for the U.S. to attract the current or next generation of digital asset innovators?