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C5 Anti-Corruption London

London, UK

William Barry and James Tillen will speak at the C5 Anti-Corruption London conference on November 2, 2021.

Barry will moderate the panel, "The Rise in Corporate and Individual Reputational Risk: The Unwritten Lessons for Crisis Management – and for Legal and Compliance." This panel will discuss:

  • The evolving role of legal and compliance in managing reputational risk
  • Regulatory disclosures and government investigations: How the reputational aftermath and liability risks have evolved for corporations and individuals
  • Whistleblowing, brand reputation and investigations in the social media age
  • Managing reputational risk arising from anti-bribery and FCPA investigations and settlements: Concrete examples
  • Implementing Board and Audit Committee priorities, including anti-bribery, ESG and emergency preparedness

Tillen will speak on the panel, "Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Programme: Actionable Takeaways, Key Metrics, and Hidden Lessons."

This interactive session will break audience members into smaller groups each led by industry experts. Each group will share experiences and identify two actionable takeaways that they can then share with the whole group thereafter. During the closing segment, the speakers will lend additional thoughts, insights, and best practices.