C5 Anti-Corruption London



William Barry and Brian Fleming will speak at the C5 Anti-Corruption London conference on June 19, 2019. 

Barry will moderate the panel, "Multi-jurisdictional Coordination in Action."  The panel will discuss what multi-jurisdictional enforcement truly looks like on the ground-and how best to manage increasing, overlapping and uncertain risk factors:

  • The risk of "follow-on" cases: When a resolved or settled case in one jurisdiction could trigger new bribery investigations in other countries
  • The challenges of coordinating with multiple agencies:
  • Best practices for communicating with foreign authorities
  • Managing the uncertain risks posed by the enforcement of a new or amended anti-bribery law
  • How a settlement in one jurisdiction could affect a company’s business operations in other key markets
  • Local laws affecting your internal investigation and ability to cooperate with authorities: Data privacy, State Secret Law, privilege, evidence-gathering procedures and more
  • When a DPA with the DOJ/SFO and/or a press release could "tip off" foreign authorities of bribery in their respective jurisdictions
  • When multi-jurisdictional bribery enforcement could spark investigations of other potential crimes, including fraud, money laundering and privacy violations-and vice versa
  • Impact of multi-jurisdictional enforcement risks on your decision to disclose or cooperate

Fleming will moderate the panel, "Internal Investigations Think Tank." The panel will discuss:

  • Setting up an investigations plan in your company, including reporting structure, and assignment of roles and responsibilities
  • Creating standards, manuals, policies, operating procedures for the team
  • Budget: How much you need to spend and mitigating the risk of spiralling costs
  • Delivering effective training to team members
  • When attorney-client privilege may not apply
  • When to involve outside counsel
  • Right-sizing internal investigations: Lessons from recent investigations, enforcement actions and settlements
  • When and when not to investigate new or peripheral red flags
  • When to stop: How to know when to conclude the investigation
  • Governance issues: What types of matters to report to your Audit and the Board