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C5 4th Advanced Conference on Anti-Corruption & Compliance Programmes Switzerland

William Barry and Brian Fleming will speak at the C5 4th Advanced Conference on Anti-Corruption & Compliance Programmes Switzerland, a virtual event, on September 23, 2020.

Barry will moderate the panel, "The Changing Face of Third-Party Management and Liability Risks: How Industry is Revisiting and Upgrading Due Diligence, Onboarding, and Monitoring." This session will cover:

  • Best practices for implementing a risk-ranking and classification methodology for different types of risk (legal, operational, reputational) and third parties (agents, distributors)
  • Understanding the local business environment, customs and practices and their impact on your third-party vetting and monitoring
  • How companies are updating their risk-based programs and tailoring them to a specific country and/or region
  • When and how much to train third parties, and how much is "too much"
  • On the ground obstacles to monitoring and auditing third parties, including distribution and sub-distribution networks
  • Concrete Examples of Effective Third-Party Management

Fleming will present, as part of a panel, "U.S. and EU Economic Sanctions Compliance in Practice: How Multinationals are Reconciling Varying Requirements and Agency Expectations." This panel will discuss:

  • How the EU is taking a tougher stance on sanctions enforcement
  • Reconciling conflicts between EU and U.S. Sanctions
  • Industry compliance dilemmas: What to do in the event of persisting conflicts of law
  • Special considerations for Venezuela, Iran, and Russia sanctions
  • Practical strategies for managing increasing, cross-border enforcement risks