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39th Annual TEI-SJSU High Tech Tax Institute

Palo Alto, CA

Robert Kovacev and Loren Ponds will speak at the 39th Annual TEI-San Jose State University (SJSU) High Tech Tax Institute on November 7, 2023, in Palo Alto, CA.

Kovacev will interview Ponds for the luncheon keynote, "Tax Policy Considerations."

In addition to the luncheon interview, Kovacev will present, as part of a panel, "Federal Tax Controversy – Where is the $80 Billion?" Panelists will discuss:

  • How will the IRS plan on how to use $80 billion over 10 years affect examinations, appeals and taxpayer services?
  • How is the IRS onboarding new personnel?
  • What COVID operational changes remain, such as remote exams and e-signatures?
  • What's new procedurally due to legislation of the past five years?