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Ukraine Adds Whistleblower Awards (and Protections) with New Amendments


In this article, Maryna Kavaleuskaya discusses large-scale anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine, including recent whistleblower-related amendments passed by Parliament and approved by the Ukrainian President on November 13. The key goal of the new rules, which are unprecedented for Ukraine and take effect on January 1, 2020, "is to ensure that Ukraine's national laws are in compliance with relevant international standards and best practices," Kavaleuskaya said. The Amendments establish grounds for whistleblower awards and guarantee whistleblowers and their families free legal assistance, confidentiality, witness protection, non-retaliation in the context of their employment, and personal liability exemption, and also lay out specific measures addressing possible employment-related discrimination. Although Ukraine still faces criticism by key international partners, such as the International Monetary Fund, for its slow progress in the anti-corruption area, the new rules "are consistent with Ukraine's anti-corruption reforms and are designed to encourage reporting corruption within Ukraine, which could potentially affect companies subject to the FCPA that are doing business in Ukraine," she wrote.