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Loren Ponds Comments on Need for Procedures Around Countries Withdrawing DSTs in World Trade Online

"OECD Tax Talks for Naught Unless Countries Drop DSTs, Analysts Say"

World Trade Online

Loren Ponds, a Member of Miller & Chevalier Chartered and former majority counsel at the House Ways and Means Committee, discussed whether countries must commit to forgoing unilateral digital services taxes (DSTs) as part of a new global tax framework currently being negotiated by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development during the webinar hosted by Washington International Trade Association. Ponds said that ensuring other countries withdraw DSTs "can't just be a matter of trust" and will require "real procedures around what that will look like." She described China's view on digital services taxes as a "mystery." "Even trying to have this inclusive framework – where we aim for inclusivity – sometimes folks' voices still get lost," Ponds said. So hopefully we'll hear more and see more from some of the countries about whom we are a little mystified of what their position might be.