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Gregory Bates Comments on Due Diligence Processes in Global Investigations Review

"Compliance Professionals Target Anti-Bribery Inefficiency"

Global Investigations Review

Gregory Bates commented on companies' due diligence processes, suggesting changes may be needed. Bates said that companies generally focus on long, static, backward looking due diligence processes which do not provide adequate information. "The current due diligence process expends the energy of everyone involved. This needs to change in a way that takes less time but still gets the right information," Bates said. He noted the difficulties with such lengthy processes indicating that a more efficient due diligence system would benefit companies. "The process can be made so much faster and so much better in terms of the quality of information you get. I think that's a much better use of compliance officers' resources and I think will motivate them to keep going and fight the good fight."