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Elizabeth Cappiello Quoted on President Biden's PLA Executive Order in Construction Dive

"Despite Biden PLA Order, Non-union Contractors Can Win Federal Projects"

Construction Dive

Elizabeth Cappiello discussed President Biden's February 4 executive order instituting a project labor agreement (PLA) requirement on federal construction projects worth more than $35 million. The order coincides with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which will infuse billions in long-awaited spending for infrastructure projects and upgrades across the country. The White House predicts the order will affect $262 billion in federal contracts and impact nearly 200,000 workers. Cappiello explained that, among other things, a PLA will cover procedures for resolving any employment disputes and prohibit strikes or work stoppages for the entirety of the agreement. The executive order requires organizations to allow all contractors and subcontractors to compete for work, regardless of their collective bargaining experience, according to Cappiello. For the foreseeable future, "entering a PLA will be part of doing business with the federal government on certain projects," Cappiello said.