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Dana Watts and Welles Orr Highlight Differences in the U.S. Presidential Candidates' Stances on Trade Policy in Global Trade Review

"Trump vs Biden on Trade: Addressing the Major Issues"

Global Trade Review

Dana Watts and Welles Orr* discussed President Donald Trump's and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's differing positions on key aspects of U.S. trade policy including on how to handle China and working with U.S. allies. Orr said that if President Trump wins the election, the president will want to move into the next phase of the trade agreement signed with China earlier this year. Watts and Orr agree that a Biden administration would not try to quickly change the president's overall China policy. Orr stated that a Biden administration would "take a different approach to China that would involve more allies, rather than a strictly 'U.S. go it alone' approach." Both Orr and Watts anticipate that Biden, unlike Trump, would work closely with allies. Watts said that, "the major difference could be more co-operation with allies. Trump has notoriously taken a zero sum and 'go it alone' approach to trade," and that "a Biden administration would definitely seek to co-ordinate with allies before approaching major trade issues like how to approach China."

*Former Miller & Chevalier advisor