Welles Orr Quoted on Steel and Aluminum Tariff Exemptions in the Associated Press

"US May Tie NATO Contributions to Tariff Exemptions"

Associated Press


Welles Orr was quoted regarding how the process of obtaining exemptions to the United States' tariffs on steel and aluminum may work. President Trump placed a 25 percent tax on steel imports and 10 percent tax on imported aluminum, with Canada and Mexico — both partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement being renegotiated — as the only countries excluded from the tariffs. Foreign governments are already asking how the exemption process will work, said Orr, who served as an assistant U.S. trade representative in the George H.W. Bush administration. "The short answer is, we don't know the specifics yet," he said. "It's certainly going to be chaotic ... The business community sure hopes the administration will carefully do all the work it needs to do to make this an easy and transparent process."

Mr. Orr's comments were also included in coverage by ABC News, U.S. News & World Report, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among others.