Welles Orr Quoted on China Trade Deal in Forbes

"Trump's China Trade Deal Could Really Tick Off Countries Like Brazil"



Welles Orr was quoted regarding the Trump administration's potential trade deal with China and its effect on countries like Brazil, who could challenge the deal in the World Trade Organization (WTO) if they see the U.S. getting preferential treatment on the goods they also sell to the Chinese. "Very strong likelihood that Brazil would indeed retaliate. It is a most favored nation kind of arrangement. Brazil wouldn't be too happy about it," said Orr, a former U.S. Trade Representative official under George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. "We will have to wait and see about enforcement. But I do think you get commitments of the sort that China has never given anyone before, including safeguards for IP. I think Beijing is realizing that, for better or for worse, they need to get this trade war over with and live with the commitments they make to the U.S."