Welles Orr Comments on Fifth Round of NAFTA Talks in Bloomberg Politics

"Nafta Negotiators Set to Looks for Small Wins After U.S. Threats"

Bloomberg Politics


Welles Orr commented on the anticipated focus of negotiations as the fifth round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks begin. "Instructions are 'let's keep the ball moving, let's not have fireworks,'" said Orr, a former assistant U.S. Trade Representative under George H. W. Bush. U.S. lawmakers are fully focused on tax reform and that's left little bandwidth to push quickly for a NAFTA deal, he said, adding that he expects a handful of deals "on noncontroversial items to at least keep the pace of negotiations going and so that they can at least claim they’re making progress."

Mr. Orr's comments were also included in coverage by Industry Week and the American Journal of Transportation