Welles Orr Comments on China Tariffs Deadline in the Washington Examiner

"Prolonged Trade War in the Balance as China Nears Trump Deadline for Added Tariffs"

Washington Examiner


Welles Orr commented on continued talks between the United States and China regarding tariffs scheduled by President Trump to go into effect on December 15. Talks for China to complete "phase one" of a trade deal with Beijing were first announced on Oct. 11 and were expected to take a few weeks, but have dragged on for two months. Orr, a former assistant U.S. trade representative, said China's price for completing "phase one" of the October deal has always been the United States shelving the Dec. 15 tariffs, and assurances from both sides that the talks are still going on are a good sign that the tariffs may not happen. "The vibes I'm picking up are still positive over the last 48 hours, so I think something is in the cards for an announcement next week on a phase one deal," Orr said, "despite the president's suggestion (earlier this week) that he's fine with pushing things off until next year."