Timothy O'Toole Comments on Trump's Sanctions Strategy in Latin America in WorldECR

"U.S. 'Maximum Pressure' Strategy Moves to the Americas"


Issue 83, October 2019

Timothy O'Toole commented on the latest shift of escalating sanctions-related enforcement actions directed at Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua as a result of the "maximum pressure" strategy adopted by the Trump administration. The "maximum pressure" strategy, previously directed towards North Korea, Syria, and especially Iran, is now heavily-focused on a "Troika of Tyranny" as labeled by the current administration, and consists of significantly expanded sanctions programs as well as sanctions-related enforcement actions against companies and individuals throughout the Latin American region. "These recent developments have greatly elevated the U.S. sanctions risks in this region of the world, which until recently had been limited largely to Cuba and potential dealings with narcotics networks," O'Toole said. "The companies who want to get ahead of the curve would be well advised to turn their compliance focus in the region to U.S. sanctions."