Preston Pugh Comments on U.S.-China Trade Secrets War in the South China Morning Post

"U.S.-China Tech War Shrouded by 'New Red Scare' as Donald Trump Cracks Down on Intellectual Property Theft"

South China Morning Post


Preston Pugh commented on the intensified crackdown on Chinese trade secret theft by the current Trump administration. The article described growing concerns by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and Chinese-Americans that federal prosecutors have unfairly pursued some trade secrets cases based on race.  When asked about two well-publicized espionage arrests of individuals where the charges were dropped, Pugh stated, "What federal law enforcement decided was there was not enough evidence to actually bring them to trial."  Speaking as a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, he added, "If you don't have that degree of evidence, then you have no business charging defendants to bring them to trial."