Preston Pugh and Aiysha Hussain Discuss Role of Boards in Corporate Harassment Scandals on Across the Board Podcast

"Across the Board – Episode 18: Boards After #MeToo, A Conversation with Preston Pugh and Aiysha Hussain"

Across the Board Podcast


On this podcast, Preston Pugh and Aiysha Hussain discuss how Boards of Directors can address the corporate harassment scandals emerging from the #MeToo movement. "The key is that the board exercise some level of oversight of the company's compliance with applicable laws," Pugh said, "and hold management accountable." They recommend, among other steps, employing a Chief Human Rights Officer and conducting risk assessments with an eye towards corporate culture and sexual harassment, in particular. "Previously these issues of sexual harassment and misconduct were really just treated as a litigation risk," but following the #MeToo movement and increased publicity surrounding those issues, "companies need to really elevate the problem," said Hussain, adding that as a first step, boards need to understand what policies are in place. "Make sure that there is a clear policy that sets the tone of the company," and make sure every employee at every level is being screened and understands those policies, she said.

Pugh and Hussain, along with colleague Ian Herbert, recently published an article on this topic in Corporate Board Member.