Brian Fleming Discusses How Chinese Forced-Labor Backlash Could Create Negative Press for NBA in the New York Times

"China's Forced-Labor Backlash Threatens to Put NBA in Unwanted Spotlight"

New York Times


Brian Fleming, Member at Miller & Chevalier, discussed how support for Xinjiang cotton by high profile Chinese apparel brands could pull the National Basketball Association (NBA) and its athletes into another geopolitical storm. Local Chinese brands are prospering from a consumer backlash against Nike, H&M, and other overseas brands over their refusal to use Chinese cotton and cotton products made with forced labor. Two of those Chinese brands, Li-Ning and Anta, who have endorsement deals with well-known NBA players, posted positive statements on Xinjiang cotton last week. Fleming noted that the statements could invite unwanted scrutiny from U.S. regulators, adding that "By speaking out, Anta and Li Ning are simultaneously supporting the Chinese government and thumbing their noses at U.S. restrictions, which is a combination unlikely to be greeted warmly by U.S. authorities."