Brian Fleming Comments on Consequences of U.S. Exit from Iran Deal in Law360

"Iran Deal Exit to Cast Shadow Over Future Negotiation"



Brian Fleming commented on the consequences of the United States' exit from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The imposition of secondary sanctions by the United States could impact diplomatic relations with U.S. allies, Fleming said, adding that, "if the U.S. takes any ... provocative actions — let's say there were secondary sanctions levied against a very high-profile Russian or Chinese, or even German or French or U.K company — that would really put the whole situation in a crisis mode, because that's where rubber really meets the road." A similar situation arose in the 1990s regarding secondary Cuba sanctions, which ultimately led to a compromise between the U.S. and European countries doing business with Cuba, but current circumstances make reaching such an agreement unlikely, Fleming said. "Given the very volatile nature of the Trump administration and its hesitation to really compromise or be seen to compromise on anything, it's difficult to see how that kind of a negotiated agreement with the Europeans could be something that’s all that likely here," he said.