Barry Pollack Comments on "Sense of Congress" Clause in Senate Intelligence Committee Bill in The Sacramento Bee

"Senate Intel Slips Sentence Into Bill That Could Lead to Spying on US Citizens"

The Sacramento Bee


Barry Pollack commented on the "Sense of Congress" clause added to a recently-approved Senate Intelligence Committee bill and how it could impact his client, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, as well as U.S. citizens, if the bill is passed by the full Senate. The clause says that WikiLeaks "resembles a non-state hostile intelligence service" and that the U.S. government "should treat it as such." Pollack said he does not believe the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court should accept the "sense of Congress" clause in any legal argument presented by federal authorities seeking surveillance authority on a U.S. citizen. "Will some intelligent(cq) agent make that argument to a court and will a court accept that argument? The honest answer is, who knows?" he said.

Mr. Pollack's comments were also included in coverage by the Kansas City Star, Charlotte Observer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the Washington Examiner, among others.