Addy Schmitt Comments on Judge Emmet G. Sullivan's Tenure in the Washington Post

"U.S. Judge in Flynn Case Takes Senior Status, Joining Wave of Jurists Allowing Biden to Name Successors"

Washington Post


Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, whose 27-year tenure on the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, helped shape prosecutors' obligation to disclose evidence in criminal trials and was capped by politically explosive cases involving Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will retire from full-time duty. Sullivan notified President Biden by letter Thursday that he will step back April 3, allowing Biden to fill a vacancy on the influential court that oversees the nation's capital. He joins a wave of departing veteran U.S. jurists, as partisan fighting over ideological control of the judiciary has expanded to lower-court appointments. Addy R. Schmitt, Member of Miller & Chevalier and a former Sullivan law clerk, said that in his courtroom, "the government doesn't get a free ride." "He views his job as making sure the government is held in check and doing what it's supposed to do and that there's accountability. Any attempt to skirt the process is going to be met with resistance from him. He will not just go along," Schmitt said.