A Virtual Roundtable: The Future of Operation Car Wash & its Impact on Companies Operating in Brazil


Miller & Chevalier Members Kathryn Cameron Atkinson and Matteson Ellis, KLA Partners Isabel Franco and Eloy Rizzo, and Miller & Chevalier Associate and Foreign Visiting Law Clerk to KLA Leah Moushey presented a virtual roundtable on the latest developments in Operation Car Wash—the largest corruption probe in Brazil’s history. The last few months have brought several important updates, including the decision by the Attorney General of Brazil to formally charge President Temer with passive corruption (i.e., the receipt of bribes), the dissolution of the Federal Police's Operation Car Wash Task Force, and the conviction of Brazil’s former President Luiz Lula da Silva by Judge Sergio Moro. Our panel provided on-the-ground insights into these and other recent developments in the investigation, what's to come, and what the developments mean for companies operating in Brazil.