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Executive Compensation: How Changes in Proxy Disclosure Rules Will Impact Tax Departments

In late 2006, the SEC finalized rules changing the proxy disclosure requirements relating to executive compensation. Not only will these changes will have an impact on your company's Code Section 162(m) compliance, but they also require a detailed review of executive nonqualified and fringe benefit programs. We anticipate a high level of focus on this issue by corporate boards and compensation committees during 2007.

Please join us at 12:00 noon on January 9 as we help our clients and friends walk through those changes in the disclosure of executive compensation that will have the biggest impact on tax departments and how you can prepare for these now. Although once solely the domain of securities and corporate counsel, tax departments will now be expected to weigh-in on the executive compensation discussions in your company's proxy. Miller & Chevalier lawyers will bring to bear our well-known experience in tax and executive compensation coupled with our familiarity with the new proxy rules to help you and your company face these challenges.