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ABA 2023 Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar

Orlando, FL

Sandra Hanna and Brian Hill will speak at the ABA 2023 Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar on February 17, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.

Hanna will moderate the Fireside Chat with Kenneth Polite, DOJ Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division. Mr. Polite supervises DOJ criminal prosecutors, including those who investigate and prosecute violations of the FCPA, False Claims Act, and other corporate crimes. During this conversation, he will share practical tips for companies and his observations on best practices for creating, implementing, and operating effective corporate compliance programs. He will also discuss the DOJ's newest guidance on corporate enforcement, including the Department's expectations on self-reporting potential violations, compliance clawbacks of certain executive compensation, and standards for evaluating a company's cooperation.

Hill will moderate "Cyber Jeopardy!" In recent months, international hackers have stolen and ransomed data from tech companies, auto manufacturers, airlines, local governments, and even federal courts. Play along with our in-house counsel, federal prosecutor, and digital security consultant contestants in this unfortunately all-too-serious game show parody and see if you can avoid Cyber Jeopardy!