Two Parallels on a Collision Course?

Ethisphere Magazine
In this article, co-authored by Kirby Behre, he discusses the intersection of antitrust and anti-corruption enforcement and its impact on companies in Asia. The inherently parallel nature of both cartel and corruption offenses contributes to the intersection of the two, and the US recently has placed a high priority on the enforcement of both. "Nowhere is this trend of enhanced enforcement more prevalent than in Asia, which, in the past decade, has seen a dramatic expansion of global enforcement in the areas of competition and anti-corruption," the authors said. "In this world of parallel enforcement that sets corporate players on a collision course with a variety of enforcement agencies, it is critical for companies to devise and implement a comprehensive strategy to prevent future, and detect ongoing, competition and anti-corruption risks globally." In conclusion, the authors note that one lesson from the past decade remains clear. "The aggressive pursuit of antitrust and anti-corruption conduct will continue by enforcement authorities in the US and worldwide. Companies must take heed and ensure that they have policies and procedures in place to prevent the cost, reputational harm, and other collateral consequences these investigations engender," they said.
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