IRS Summonses: Top 10 Questions

Miller & Chevalier Article
In this article, Andrew Strelka answers the top 10 questions that clients have asked when faced with an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) summons. "The [IRS] is a powerful investigative tool that may have far-reaching effects for you, your employees and your clients," Strelka said. "You do not have to be under IRS examination to receive a summons and inadequate responses may result in summons enforcement litigation with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), waiver of privilege and damaged business relationships." Strelka says the IRS seems to be issuing summons with increased frequency and in more contexts. "As a result, we are fielding more questions about the reach of the summons power and the associated procedures. The upward trend in summons activity will likely continue as the government commences investigations related to the so-called Panama Papers," he said.
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IRS Summonses: Top 10 Questions