Responding to Corporate Criminal Investigations -- 2015 Supplement

Bloomberg BNA
March 2015

Kirby Behre co-authored and Lauren Briggerman served as the managing editor for the 2015 Supplement to Bloomberg BNA's Responding to Corporate Criminal Investigations. This treatise serves as a practitioner's guide to effectively responding to government investigations and prosecutions of corporations. The resource provides "practical insight and guidance to address today's corporate criminal prosecutions, whether in conducting internal investigations, safeguarding attorney-client privilege, or traversing the various stages of a criminal investigation through prosecution and resolution."

This 2015 Supplement brings the main volume current through November 2014. Updates include:

  • Developments in the attorney-client privilege doctrine, which has heightened concerns about how the privilege applies during internal investigation
  • Evolutions in search warrant law as courts attempt to stay abreast of modern technology
  • The increased use of non-prosecution and deferred prosecution agreements as alternative forms of resolving corporate criminal investigations
  • The growing importance of whistleblower protection laws
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