Re "Teach Congress a Lesson" (Op-Ed, Jan. 2)

The New York Times
Andrew Herman authored an editorial letter in The New York Times, following a January 2015 Op-Ed in the same newspaper discussing a bipartisan call for all members of congress to take annual ethics training in an effort to elevate diminishing approval ratings. "Representatives David N. Cicilline and Scott Rigell reasonably propose mandating ethics training for the House of Representatives. The serious issues relating to congressional ethics, however, cannot be remedied with a few hours of training," Herman wrote. "The simple truth is that the House is a political body run by the majority party. Any effort to fashion an impartial system of ethics adjudication, however well meaning, will inevitably conflict with the partisan nature of the institution." Herman said complaints within Congress about ethics have existed for as long as it has met. "In the end, he said, "members must answer to the one group that can truly remedy these issues: constituents."
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