The FCPA 'Elevator Pitch:' Selling Anti-Corruption Compliance to Latin American Executives

Corporate Compliance Insights
In this article, Matteson Ellis discusses effective strategies for educating Latin American executives on the importance of anti-corruption compliance. In particular, he explores "informal" ways of communicating these messages: "Addressing highly sensitive issues like corruption in formal settings can feel risky and be off-putting. Who wants to publicly acknowledge that one of their peers might be paying bribes?" Ellis said. "Casual settings are more conducive to sensitive, one-on-one conversations in Latin America and elsewhere." Ellis provides five suggested talking points for developing an effective "elevator pitch" for anti-corruption compliance discussions with executives. He suggests noting that compliance is a basic business standard and highlighting the broad extraterritorial reach of the FCPA, as well as the FCPA's severe potential sanctions and increased enforcement of local laws.
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