The Top Three Bribery Risks in Latin America

TRACE International
In this video, sponsored by TRACE, Matteson Ellis discusses the top three sources of bribery risk for companies doing business in Latin America: police, complicated regulatory regimes, and family ownership of companies. "When the same government institutions that are supposed to be fighting corruption are the ones implicated in corruption, companies have issues," Ellis said, regarding the heightened risk of bribery involving police. Latin America is known for its "Byzantine and costly regulatory regimes" and "when rules are not clear, public officials have more discretion in their decision making. They can more easily manipulate rules for corrupt purposes," he said. "The more government actors involved in the process, the greater the chances that the company will face bribery requests." Moreover, family-owned businesses often lack standard internal controls and generally are more reticent to respond to due diligence requests which also increases risks of bribery.
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