Becoming an FCPA-Savvy Director

In this article, the sixth in a continuing series, Homer Moyer addresses how board directors can help the companies they serve by becoming "FCPA-savvy" directors. Moyer identifies a number of ways that directors can add value, including by understanding their company's FCPA risk profile, knowing what the highest FCPA risk factors are, being alert to "false positives," understanding that prosecution theories and interpretations that courts would affirm can create two "realities," and staying ahead of the curve in learning of and addressing potential FCPA issues. "The bottom line is that although board members do not need to be FCPA experts, they can be highly valuable to their companies if they make certain that as directors, they are FCPA-savvy," Moyer said. This is the sixth and final article written by Moyer in an FCPA-related series addressing best practices for corporate board members.

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Becoming an FCPA-Savvy Director
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