Avoiding Expensive Pitfalls and Achieving Cost Efficiency with Technology Assisted Review

Inside Counsel

In this article, John Eustice discusses the best ways to achieve cost savings for clients when using technology assisted review (TAR) of electronic documents. After establishing the right method of TAR and working with opposing counsel to ensure approval by the court, counsel must still take steps to achieve cost effectiveness in its use. "While many practitioners assume that using TAR instead of attorneys will mean reduced cost, this assumption does not always prove true," Eustice said. He outlines the three levels at which increased costs can generally occur during the TAR process and recommends that counsel plan ahead to avoid unexpectedly high bills. This is the third and final installment in a series of TAR-related articles written by Eustice for Inside Counsel.

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Using Technology Assisted Review in the Right Cases and in the Right Way

Working with Opposing Counsel to Achieve Positive Results with Technology Assisted Review

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