Using Technology Assisted Review in the Right Cases and in the Right Way

Inside Counsel

In this article, John Eustice examines methods of technology assisted review (TAR) and when to consider its use in civil litigation. Within the past five years, TAR has become a viable method for handling documents in litigation. "Given its relative newness, not all attorneys understand what TAR is or how it works," Eustice said, adding that "… [a]s the technology advances and more lawyers become familiar with the advantages TAR offers, an ever greater number of parties are likely to use its methods in electronic discovery." This article is the first in a three-part series concerning TAR, which, in future articles, will provide practical advice including achieving cost efficiency.

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Working with Opposing Counsel to Achieve Positive Results with Technology Assisted Review

Avoiding Expensive Pitfalls and Achieving Cost Efficiency with Technology Assisted Review

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