Our Core Values

Four fundamental values form the cultural and philosophical foundation that has unified and inspired Miller & Chevalier lawyers and staff for more than 90 years.

I. We Strive for Excellence, Both in the Practice of Law and in the Delivery of Service

Miller & Chevalier’s primary goal is to provide the caliber of legal service we would demand if we were the client. To achieve that goal, our entire team -- lawyers and staff alike -- must challenge itself continually to achieve the highest levels of quality, both in our work and in the way that we deliver service to our clients; to develop the greatest possible breadth, depth, and focus in each area of our practice; and to forge enduring client relationships.

II. Our Firm is Founded on a Culture of Mutual Respect, Collegiality, and Teamwork

We work hard -- and consistently -- to create a culture of mutual respect for everyone at Miller & Chevalier. Ours is a culture that prizes professionalism, emphasizing high ethical standards, teamwork, open and honest communication, and workforce individuality and diversity. We strive to communicate regularly and in real time with everyone at the firm, and we encourage all members of the Miller & Chevalier team to voice their ideas in the candid and respectful way that is reflective of our culture.

III. We Commit to and Invest in Continuous Self-Improvement

To maintain our market leadership and our reputation for preeminence, we never stop investing in the professional development of all Miller & Chevalier lawyers and staff. We continually strive to develop and strengthen our knowledge base, to achieve higher standards of productivity, and to find ways to leverage that knowledge and those skills for our clients’ benefit and for our own continuous self-improvement. Our recruiting, mentoring, and training of all lawyers and staff share a common goal: the continuous enhancement of the quality and level of service we deliver to our clients.

IV. We Honor and Reward Community and Professional Responsibility

Our professionalism is matched only by our determination to play an important role in the civic and professional communities in which we live and work. As befitting an organization that believes that everyone needs to contribute to the greater good, we provide considerable pro bono service to individuals and organizations in need of our time and experience. Our lawyers and staff also donate their time and money to regional and national organizations that share firm-honored values and our commitment to bettering our communities.