3rd Annual Device and Diagnostic Ethics and Compliance Conference

Location: Chicago, IL

Recent high-profile cases of corporate non-compliance within the device industry have resulted in a shift within these organizations, who are now placing considerable emphasis on internal and external compliance efforts, on a global scale. Activities range from interactions with healthcare professionals, to ensuring the appropriate communication of coding and reimbursement rates, to compliance with increasingly challenging Federal and international regulations are all providing difficult for medical device corporations, of all sizes.

Sessions will delve into a wide-range of topics, but will focus most heavily on current hurdles being faced by this industry in their daily operating procedures. As many compliance executives now work on an international landscape, the focus will not only include US operations, but also specific challenges in Europe and Asia. Given the regulatory and cultural differences, it is critical that compliance executives throughout the industry prepare for and understand the wide-ranging implications of non-compliant activities. From the Sunshine Act to the FCPA and Anti-Bribery Act, all current legislation will be discussed within the framework of its impact on the device industry.

David Resnicoff will speak on day one at this two-day conference. He will present on the "Current State of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act".

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