Multi-Jurisdiction FCPA or Anti-Corruption Enforcement: Responding to Investigations

Navigating Investigation Complexities, Understanding Scope of Risk, Evaluating Cooperation With the Government, and Maintaining an Effective Defense

James Tillen will speak on this CLE webinar, sponsored by Strafford Publications.


The cost, time and effort of an investigation under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or other anti-corruption laws are extraordinary. Due to increased cooperation among international regulators, counsel should implement a worldwide compliance program and prepare for the complexities of investigations.

The considerable challenges of multi-jurisdiction investigations include evidence gathering, data privacy, double jeopardy, and an absence of an agreed upon definition of corruption.

Counsel must understand the scope of the risk and anticipate the obstacles inherent in a multi-jurisdiction investigation. Counsel must also determine when to cooperate with investigating agencies and balance that cooperation against maintaining an effective defense. 

Listen as our authoritative panel examines the challenges of multi-jurisdiction corporate corruption investigations, including timing, standards of proof, privacy laws, and concepts of attorney privilege and plea bargaining that differ from U.S. law. The panel will offer best practices for navigating the complexities of multi-jurisdiction investigations and overcoming the challenges.

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