17th National Conference: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Location: The Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY

Homer Moyer will co-chair the event and present on "Internal Investigations: Controlling Costs and Directing the Investigation" covering:

  • When, how, and by whom should internal investigations be conducted?
  • Factors in maximizing credibility to the government
  • How to conduct internal investigations cost-effectively
  • How the paradigm for internal investigations is changing-
    • waiver of privileges
    • admonitions to witnesses
    • Audit Committee involvement
    • written report(s)
  • How much is enough in trying to learn the facts?
  • Disclosure before, during, or after?

John Davis will lead a pre-conference workshop, "The Fundamentals of FCPA Compliance: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Demystified," that will include:

  • Who is covered by the FCPA?
    • what constitutes a "instrumentality"
    • what constitutes a "government owned entity"
  • Permissible and impermissible payments
    • anything "of value"
    • facilitating payments: limits on "grease"
    • political contributions
    • charitable contributions
  • What constitutes activity deemed to "obtain or retain business"?
  • Reasonable and bona fide expenses under the statute
  • What triggers U.S. government anti-bribery investigations?
  • Books and records requirements: a potential "Achilles Heel"for compliance
  • Internal controls inaccuracies and public disclosure under the FCPA
  • The FCPA paper trail: inaccurate books and records
  • The intersection of Sarbanes-Oxley and FCPA
  • The legal elements in the most significant cases from the past year: the stakes
  • Fundamentals of an FCPA compliance program

For more information, please visit www.americanconference.com/fcpa.

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