2nd Advanced Conference on Export Controls: Enhancing Your Global Compliance Policy to Minimize Risks of Sanctions for Inadvertent Violations

Location: Jurys Great Russell Street Hotel; London, England

Larry E. Christensen speaks on the panel, "Impact of the New EU Export Controls Regime
of Dual-Use Items on EU Exporters," discussing:

  • Key features of the current and future EU dual-use regime
  • What are the underlying benefits and drawbacks of the new regime
  • Exploring the impact of the EU enlargement to 27
  • Impact of discretion granted to member states to control
    the export of additional/non listed dual-use items
  • Defining the line between military and civil use
  • EU vs. national licensing regimes: scope of applicability
    from a multinational business perspective:
    • CGEA
    • free movement within the EU
    • one license to export from the EU
  • Overcoming challenges related to granting global export authorizations
    • implications of the divergences in Members States practices
    • what to learn from USA’s practices?
  • EU vs. US export authorizations: Impact on EU business
  • Impact of the new EU regime on international R&D

For more information, please visit http://www.c5-online.com/regulatory_compliance/exportcontrols.htm.

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