Center for American and International Law 4th Annual Program on International Corporate Compliance

Location: Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Kathryn Cameron Atkinson is co-chair and conductor of the workshop "International Compliance Overview."

The workshop will (1) cover the laws and regulations that establish standards of conduct in each area, (2) cover highlights relevant to compliance program design and function, and (3) serve as an introduction to the topics to follow in the panel discussions.

Homer E. Moyer, Jr. moderates the panel "Anti-Corruption Compliance."

  • Compliance lessons from Siemens and other recent enforcement actions in 2008
  • Practical compliance implications of increasing non-U.S. anti-corruption enforcement
  • Third parties: Which ones do you need to include in your program efforts, and what should those efforts be in 2009?
  • Program auditing and testing: current best practices and agencies' compliance expectations
  • Monitors as compliance counselors

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