Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance In Joint Ventures and Consortia Webinar

Minimizing FCPA Risk Amid Heightened Government Enforcement

James Tillen and Mark Rochon will speak on this CLE webinar, sponsored by Strafford Publcations.


Most Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance risks are due to third party conduct, including joint venture (JV) partners and agents. However, the usual steps taken by companies to minimize FCPA risks are not effective for JVs and consortia.

In international joint ventures, unreliable partners must be identified early—and either avoided or carefully managed. Counsel to companies involved in international JVs must develop and implement tailored compliance programs to reduce the risk of government investigations and penalties.

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission have been increasing FCPA enforcement in recent years. Effective FCPA compliance must be a high priority, particularly when dealing with the unique complexities of consortia and joint ventures.

Listen as our authoritative panel of international attorneys examines the special FCPA risks for JVs and consortia and offers steps to minimize those risks. The panel will review what should be expected from JV partners and offer best practices for handling an investigation of a JV and disputes among JV partners.

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