Limiting False Claims Act Risk for Mortgage Lenders


The Limiting False Claims Act Risk for Mortgage Lenders LIVE Online Workshop is a 90-minute program addressing mortgage lenders' potential liability under the False Claims Act (FCA). With its expanding role in the mortgage market, the Federal Government has recently used this 150 year old statute to file significant lawsuits against the mortgage industry. The FCA imposes substantial penalties on various parties whenever a false or fraudulent claim -- such as a claim for mortgage insurance -- is submitted to the United States or an entity funded by the United States. The broad provisions of the FCA mean that liability can be imposed on individuals and entities that did not intend to defraud anyone. The risk of an FCA lawsuit is of special concern for acquirers as well as entities involved in the origination, sale, securitization, or servicing of mortgages. Join us for this session to learn how to mitigate these risks. The following topics will be discussed:

  • An overview of the FCA and how it applies to the mortgage industry
  • The penalties and damages under the FCA in mortgage cases
  • FCA issues of concern for mortgage lenders
  • Strategies and tactics for preventing and defending against FCA lawsuits

Adam Feinberg will present as part of this event. The workshop is presented in partnership by CampusMBA, the education division of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), Miller & Chevalier Chartered, and Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP.

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