The Impact of the New Dodd-Frank Rules: Whistleblowing and Corporate Compliance


Kate Atkinson and Andy Wise will speak on this webinar, sponsored by Main Justice. They will be joined by Sean McKessy, the Chief of the Office of the Whisteblower at the SEC.

The recently released Dodd-Frank rules on whistleblowers will impact how allegations of federal securities law violations are reported, reviewed, and investigated and require corporations to consider compliance program changes to meet the challenges created by the new incentives and protections.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • What are the most important details of the new rules as they pertain to compliance program design and operation?
  • Does the 120-day reporting period provide adequate time for companies to undertake meaningful investigation of allegations?
  • What type of compliance program enhancements should companies consider in light of the new rules?
  • Does Dodd-Frank as a whole, and the whistleblower program in particular, signal a shift in enforcement agencies' view of compliance focus as a mitigation factor?
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