2016 ERIC Spring Meeting

Location: Washington, DC
Elizabeth F. Drake will be speaking at the 2016 ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) Spring Meeting on May 3, 2016. Drake will present, as part of a panel, "Discussion on De-Risking." Congress continues to increase pension premiums despite the fact the single-employer system is solvent for the foreseeable future. Any further increase may cause employers to consider an exit from the defined benefit market. This panel will provide an update on regulatory actions that must be considered if an employer were to amend their defined benefit plan to commence an exit from this type of benefit. In addition, the panel will discuss best practices from companies that have implemented changes to their defined benefit plan. Panelists will carry through the term "de-risk," discuss best practices within 401(k) plans and discuss the following employer topics: Are employers encouraging rollovers of former or retired employees? Have you implemented a lost participant program for former or retired employees? What drives your decisions in handling the accounts of former or retired employees?
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