11th National Forum on ERISA Litigation

Location: Chicago, IL

Anthony F. Shelley will present as part of a panel discussion titled "New Developments and Nuances in Life, Health, Disability, Managed Care and Benefit Claims Litigation," during the American Conference Institute's 11th National Forum on ERISA Litigation on March 1, 2016. The panel will address:

  • Remedies and pleadings alternatives
  • The Rochow case
  • Life insurance litigation related to the conversion of life insurance
  • Tax consequences of covering medical care for transgenderspecific treatments under employer sponsored medical plans
  • The latest on discovery disputes and attorney fees
  • Contractual limitations periods: practical implications
  • Requests for evidence outside of the record in conflicts situations
  • Judicial review of claims decisions and the battle over discretion, preemption and jurisdiction
  • Efforts by state insurance regulators to ban discretionary clauses
  • Enforceability of suit limitations provisions
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